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She's a fit and focused mom of ten who shares lifestyle tips that encourages others to live their best! Her positive energy and practical - and effective, parenting advice speaks to women, offering change for the better.

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Kathryn Sansone looks forward to working with brands that moms and families can trust. She has represented a number of household goods, educational campaigns and health initiatives. Contact Kathryn today to see how you can work together.

A Partner to Media

With children ranging from age 8 to 26, Kathryn's candid advice and delightful stories make her a great guest to media, a resource on parenting, fitness and organization and a trusted friend the media and audience can relate to. Contact Kathryn today for an interview.

Current Project

Keep your family running smooth this school year with these helpful tips including fast and healthy breakfasts and snacks.

Shape Up Mom℠ personality Kathryn Sansone inspires and motivates others to live their best!

A healthy, fit mom of ten and wife to one of 26 years, Kathryn Sansone is excited to share advice that inspires positive change and represent brands that matter to moms and healthy growing families.

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Let Kathryn do the talking for your brand! From public relations, social media driven, promotional, on-site presence or advertising campaigns, Shape Up Mom will provide real stories and experiences relevant to your audience about your product.

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Contact Kathryn today for an interview on fitness, parenting, organization and the like. She's got a story for everything and everything has a story.


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