About ShapeUpMom

get-attachment-1.aspxFitness Kathryn lives a healthy, but realistic lifestyle. She is a certified fitness trainer who has struck a balance between supporting her personal life goals and how to share that experience with her family. As author “Woman First, Family Always”, Kathryn shares tips, advice and experiences that have shaped her into the woman, mom, friend, sister, and wife she is today.

Kathryn is a queen of organization out of sheer necessity. She loves her busy, but happy household and adores her husband Jim who partners with her through it all.


Kathryn aims to hit a workout at least four days a week and strives to prepare healthy food options for herself and family. She continued her workouts through all ten pregnancies and learned to listen to her body. She finds that as she ages, it’s more about what she eats than how much of a workout she gets in. Balancing her schedule to accompany exercise and clean eating keeps her energy consistent to conquer each day.


Feeding a household of 12 (plus the friends and family drop-ins!) she works a variety of quick and efficient ways to keep her family fueled for their various sports activities targeted to fit age and fitness-level appropriately. While she focuses on a high-protein and clean way of eating, she is aware that her boys are often working to bulk up during football season. Her kids are her world and through motherhood she has staked claim in putting yourself (as mother) first so that you can more fully and readily care for your children.


Kathryn shares that having a spiritual focus to her day helps keep her mentally clear to tackle the various challenges throughout the day. When you feed your mind and soul, you find yourself resting more peacefully even in the most stressful of situations. No matter how you spend your quiet time, Kathryn encourages others to build in that time allowing for a few moments of calm as part of your daily routine.

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